Forthcoming seminars at the department of art history – Universität Trier:


SoSe 2014:

  • Seminar: on site

WiSe 2013:

  • Seminar: on site

Teaching Experience in Italy and the United Kingdom:


  • Lecturer for art history and architectural history at Florence University of the Arts (FUA), Florence, Italy, June 2006 until 31 October 2011, permanent position, 3 months notice, I gave notice on 1 August 2011. Courses taught included Renaissance Art in Florence and Renaissance Architecture, Italian Renaissance History, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini, Dynastic Brides, Court Culture, Villas and Palaces, 45 hrs each, course credits are validated by the students’ home institutions.
  • Syracuse University in Florence (SUF), summer school 2007.
  • June 2006, Florence University of the Arts, Renaissance Art in Florence, intensive summer course of lectures and tours for American university students, 45 hrs, validated by their home institutions.
  • April 2002 until May 2005, IHR, University of London; 2003 until present Beginners’ Latin and Advanced Latin, intensive courses for doctoral candidates; 2005 Visual Sources for Historians (Renaissance). I was commissioned to organise a five-week postgraduate course for the IHR.
  • February 2004 until present, Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts (Paris and London) and the Wallace Collection (London); IESA (Paris); lectures and on-site visits for the MA course in History and Business of Art and Collecting (validated by Warwick University).